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Undoing the Story of Art

2 books. 1326+ pages erased.
In ' Undoing the story of Art ', I work again around the idea of creating something out of an act of subtraction. 
The best selling art book of all times, "The Story of Art" by Gombrich, is considered by most to be the perfect introduction to art history. 
Here, I fantasize in the role of a 'naive player', that if I were able to erase all the story of art I could probably find untapped spaces within it and ultimately find a ' primordial space '  where I could create works that are original from their conception and not a pastiche of ideas from its history. 
Here, I think of the possibility of a new start, a new beginning for art.  
To do this, I erased not only all the images of the book but also all the words that make the 'text' read as an 'art text'.
The new 'encrypted' text fails then to explain 'something' that happened 'sometime', 'somewhere'... so, and still in naive mode, I fantasize, that now, that there is an open space, new words will come and describe a 'new' here and now.

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